Kasparas Milcius

A Studying Game Developer working towards creating his very own ambitious RPG project. 

About Me

Hello, I'm a Studying Game Developer working towards a goal of releasing my own indie game while also climbing an education towards the industry to be able to one day create a company of my own.

I've tinkered with game modding, game reverse engineering, Taken initiative to learn game development as a whole alone in my free time, Creating as many unique side projects with new things to learn in my spare time.

All this knowledge and work done will soon loop around into my main development project "Voxel Voyagers" Which I hope to soon upload as a free game.

How I Work

When it comes to dev logs and work on my projects, I work alone and do my research alone, Just about all my assets are either made by me originally or are in some rare cases provided as a free asset.

Under no circumstance I will copy & paste code without reading through and learning the script, Even then I will make sure I redo the code or build off of it as a base.

I am also really capable of teamwork and joining up with others, As I've done so successfully in the 2023, 2024 GGJ (global game jam), 2023 being in a duo doing 90% of the work/roles and 2024 doing it in a team of 4 with evenly spread roles.

My Current Project

My current work revolves around my game project “voxel voyagers” a
voxel game based around the “RPG” genre. My socials all contain footage
of the development progress along with some feature spoilers.

My main
objective is to maintain the update flow and continue working on it. My main way of currently learning is creating sub projects of different genres to learn different development styles and ways of creating things. This will help me later on reapply this knowledge back into “Voxel Voyagers” to continue the development further